About Company

Tennessee Houseboat & Yacht Sales will find your new boat or find you the right buyer. A combined 20 years in the industry along with past and present working relations with most all manufacturers, we are very diversified in the business. We know searching for the right boat or selling can be exhausting. Let us ease the search for the boat or the buyer. We have an extensive database of boats in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and surrounding states. We also provide the contacts for transportation, finance, insurance, and service contacts. 

SOLD 1984 Sumerset 14x60


2021 Cobalt R-30


JUST SOLD! 2000 SHARPE 16x80


SOLD 1980 Sumerset 14x62


Sold !1990 Sumerset 14x70 WB


SOLD! another 10K 1988 Jamestowner 14x42 owner says SELL.


SOLD 2000 Sharpe 16x84 (RARE 5 BEDROOM!)


Sold! . 2001 Lakeview 16x55


SOLD! 1994 Lakeview 16x68 WB